Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Back in Wyoming.

This last week I spent traveling with my hubby. He received the honor of being in the National Sculpture Society's 84th Annual Awards Exhibition hosted at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.

With the help of some very dear friends, we were able to attend the closing reception. We met some wonderful people, saw many beautiful sights, and had a fabulous time.

I didn't take nearly enough photos, as is my weakness. I get so caught up in enjoying the experiences that I forget to record it. But I've included a few here.

Not only did we get to see Brookgreen Gardens, but I was able to see the Atlantic for the first time up close. The weather was supposed to be rainy, but God must have taken pity on me because we had temperatures in the seventies all that day. We started the day at the beach, at the Lichefield Resorts where we stayed. I collected shells and photographed the wildlife.

Then, after breakfast, we spent the day at Brookgreen Gardens, shown above. 

That evening we attended the reception and met more great people than I can possible list.

Sadly, we had to leave the next day and return to Georgia. But all was not sad, as we had dinner with some wonderful people in Cartersville who I feel are now life long friends.

We spent the next morning in Cartersville at the Booth Museum of Western Art. Normally it is not open on Mondays but we were given a personal tour and made to feel like celebrities. I'm learning what people mean by southern hospitality.

Many thanks go out to my gracious nephew in Westminster CO for letting us stay with him and taking us to and picking us up from the Denver airport. He and his dear wife made coming and going a much more pleasant experience. 

Now I'm back in good ol' Cody where it's snowing, and . . .

Well . . . I still have my memories.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book Launch Open House

Hello friends!

Welcome to the party! Grab some virtual food, pull up a chair and chat about whatever you like. If you don't see me, I must have stepped out to water my garden. I'll be back soon. Make yourself at home.Soft drinks are on ice, snacks on the side table.

Help yourself!

I'm throwing this open house for the rest of June to celebrate the release of my latest book, Planet of the Red Dust. (See the side bar for info on where to get it.)

Sign up for door prizes below and please invite all your friends to join the fun. Every action you take gives you more chances to win. Don't be afraid to do more than one and some can be done every day!
Prizes will be announced on July 1st.

Win some cash to buy copies of my new book to give your friends, or, okay, get whatever you want.

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I'm also giving away . . .

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